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Distributed (Own-Hosted / CSRB distributed) Websites

An example integration of a Website as a CSRB based distributed website.

This project demonstrates the function of the CSRB Network as a website service provider with the following characteristics:

  • OBJECT based file/asset storage
  • Direct hosting/ownership of website data
  • Integrated CDN features


This website's files hosted at a CSRB Node running on:

Example CSRBwebsite load times benchmark, while onboard a train, with the following setup:

  • Nexus 5, located in UK, running CSRBnode storing the CSRBwebsite files, connected to a CSRBrouter (located in Germany) via a WiFi link to a 3G Phone Hotspot.
  • Laptop, located in UK, running Firefox, connected via a WiFi link to a 3G Phone Hotspot, accessing an OpenBSD nginx server (located in Germany) that runs CSRBvfsFUSE that is connected to a CSRBrouter (located in Germany).

The effective communication path steps for an HTTP request is:
  1. [HTTP] Browser (Laptop)
  2. [HTTP] WiFi
  3. [HTTP] 3G Hotspot (Phone)
  5. [HTTP] Webserver (Server 1)
  6. [CSRB] CSRBvfsFUSE (Server 1)
  7. [CSRB] Datacentre LAN
  8. [CSRB] CSRBrouter (Server 2)
  10. [CSRB] 3G Hotspot (Phone)
  11. [CSRB] WiFi
  12. [CSRB] CSRBnode (Nexus 5)
  13. ... and the reverse ...


  • All CSRB Nodes are connected to a Germany based CSRBrouter, and accessed via a separate Germany based OpenBSD Web Gateway CSRB server using a tweaked OpenBSD httpd (to reduce file buffering) over CSRBfs over CSRBvfsFUSE.
  • Caching is not enabled so all files are retrieved from the target device.
  • Being a prototype under development, parallel data/file accessing has been disabled and all transfers are done one-at-a-time.
  • The Canada based VPS provided is unreliable and switches OFF at random times, so it might be unreachable some times.
  • The Android based nodes some times might take a while to start responding (it's most probably some Android Sleep Mode issue).
  • The Nexus 5 node is mobile so some times it might have very bad signal/connection or be off-network completely.
  • Fonts make up 50-75% of the pages' data tranfer!

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