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IPython Integration

Example integration of the CSRB VFS or Library within IPython environments.

By integrating CSRB Network access to IPython applications it is made possible to create distributed applications consisting of multiple Notebook instances that can communicate with each other and with other CSRBnodes and can pass messages, access OBJECTS of the CSRB Network, etc.

A reference integration of CSRB in Jupyter Notebooks is available on GitHub:

The reference code can be opened within GCP Colab by using the following direct link:
or by manually selecting "Open Notebook", in "GitHub" tab searching for the "CSRBapp" organisation, and selecting the "GCP-COLAB/CSRBnode.ipynb" Notebook from the "CSRBapp/CSRBnotebook" Repository.

    GCP Colab Notes
  • VMs are based on Ubuntu 18.04.
  • Can run up to 4 parallel Instances.
  • Upload speed seems to be throttled to 512KB/s for TCP and 128KB/s for UDP.
  • Download speed seems to be un-throttled up to 1Gbps.
  • Cannot run two instances of the same GitHub based Notebook from the same account.

CSRBappNotHotdog in GCP Colab

The CSRBappNotHotdog Python based image recognition App is included as an example in the CSRBnotebook Repo.

The execution process is the same as the CSRBappNotHotdog, with the CSRB Middleware and the Python applications running within two GCP Colab Jupyter instances.

The CSRBappNotHotdog Python image recognition app is run as a Notebook in two GCP Colab instances. One instance runs the Notebook in Server mode, and one instance runs the Notebook in Client mode sending multiple images to the Server instance for processing.

The communication between the instances is done via the CSRB Network. The images being processed are stored within the local CSRBdb of the Client instance, and are accessed by the Server instance over the CSRB network.

The two GCP Colab Notebook Instances were located at Google's South Carolina US datacentre, and were both connected to the CSRB Network via a CSRB Router located at a Hetzner datacentre in Nuremberg, Germany. Thus all communication between the two Notebook Instances in the US happened via Germany. The ping latency between the two datacentres was measured at 102msec.

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