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A CSRB based distributed filesystem currently supporing the following features:

  • UNIX File Types
    • Directory
    • Regular File
    • Symbolic Link
  • User Access Control
    • UNIX permissions
    • The UNIX permissions are stored as metadata and it is up to the overlaying host to enforce them. They do not directly control the underlying OBJECT access.
    • CSRB permissions
    • Custom designed permission system that control accesses to CSRB OBJECTS.
      • Certificate Based control
      • Modification of and access to the CSRB permissions can be restricted to a specific Certificate (digest). Every access/modification request is signed with a private certificate, the public certificate of which is stored within a CSRB object, and the receiver Node authenticates the CSRB permission requests.
      • Secret Key Based READ/WRITE permissions
      • READ and WRITE access is based on a 256bit key that can be changed on demand, via a signed request. All OBJECT GET requests need to provide a READ KEY, which needs to matche the stored OBJECT's READ KEY for the command to execute. Similar for OBJECT SET requests.

Features under development:

  • Abstract/Node Agnostic Locations
  • Use a generic NODE ID to access a CSRBfs Location that can be served by multiple CSRB Nodes, dynamically.
  • Per-file multi-node stripe/redundancy (RAID)
  • Ability to specify *per-file* multiple CSRB Nodes to use for data striping and/or redundancy (multiple copies).
  • Host Layer Transparent Encryption
  • Transparently Encrypt/Decrypt file data contents in the Host.
  • Geolocated Caching
  • On-demand / user-controlled caching of CSRBfs files, by the backbone CSRB Routers. Applicable to complex CSRB Backbone Network infrastructures.

Demonstration videos

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