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Sponsor / Invest

We are open to external investments and collaborations to help grow CSRB, and we are also open to sponsorships from hardware vendors and cloud service providers to help build up and expand the public CSRB network and provide free CSRB services for non-commercial applications.
Contact us (Email, Twitter, IRC) from a business email address or Twitter account for more information.

Try out some application examples

The CSRB Repo contains various examples of CSRB user applications, with setup and execution guides provided for a quick start. Access to a public CSRB Network is included in each example so they can be connected together in any combination to form custom configurations.

Develop your own applications

Feel free to use the CSRB Repo examples as references to build your own CSRB applications. If you are interested to build your own commercial application then feel free to contact us (Email, Twitter, IRC) to see how we could work together.

Host a CSRBnode or CSRBrouter

Contact us (Email, Twitter, IRC) if you would like to host a live CSRBnode as part of the CSRB Public Network, and help it grow. At the moment we would allow hosting of CSRBrouters only by reputable organisations (academia, research centres, data centres,established corporations, etc).

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