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Frequently Asked Questions

What's with the 90's style website?

This website has been specifically designed using basic HTML and CSS to have a simple layout and support the transition to a CSRB based distributed website. More complex and modern website designs will be implemented in due course tracking the development of the CSRB network's capabilities.

What makes CSRB different from all other Cloud/Fog and Edge Computing solutions?

CSRB is an embedded solution comprising of a single full-stack middleware implementation. It does not rely on other application/service components to function, simplifying extensively porting to various targets and application integration. Written in C++, CSRB is easy to integrate in embedded systems (IoT devices, broadband routers, WiFi Access Points, Cell sites, etc), Smart-phones, Tablets, Laptops, Desktops, Servers, and more :-). Furthermore, its centralised code-base and full ownership allows for customisations and cost-effective code review and validation by corporate applications.

Is it a blockchain/crypto-currency/AI/unicorn project?

No. The CSRB design follows a pragmatic approach on implementing a system that would bring the internet connectivity into the future Edge and Ubiquitous global computing. Priority is given on simplicity and functionality, and not on superfluous features . As a middleware it could support any of these concepts as higher application layers, but no need has been found so far to necessitate integration of such complex code & design functionality within the CSRB stack.

Is it decentralised?

It's centralised, but also decentralised. The core design is based on a centralised distributed spoke-hub connection model, similar to the way the OSI Layers 1-3 of the Internet works, but also includes decentralised functions on the higher layers. Being a middleware it allows any user-application to operate in any preferred mode.
Centralisation is a stepping-stone and an enabler to decentralisation. It's essential to provide the initial network management and control needed to allow the network to mature and support an effective decentralisation, and to also provide a fallback for through-life operation of the network.

Is it open-source?

CSRB is a commercial start-up venture and all software has been custom designed and developed from scratch to support our business model. The source code of the middleware is not public at the moment for commercial reasons, but is open for review to commercial customers. Open-sourcing the project will be considered in the future.

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